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Jul 30 2014

Comments of the party after fighting themselves in the Gauntlet

  • Morrigan: Hmph. No doubt this had something to do with "facing the dark side of your soul" or some such rubbish.
  • Leliana: Did you see the cruelty on my... on her face? Is that really what I am?
  • Sten: This proves nothing. I have nothing to fear from shadows.
  • Oghren: *laughs* I can't believe I kicked my own ass!
  • Wynne: Well, I wasn't expecting that, and I certainly don't want to go through it again.
  • Alistair: That was... weird...
  • And then there is this guy, named Zevran: Maker's breath, I'm beautiful. Did you see that? Did you see me? Magnificent.

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Jul 28 2014
Jul 11 2014

omg she is literally everything.


omg she is literally everything.

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Jul 07 2014



Chell died at the end of Portal 2. The turrets shot her and she died instantly without noticing the turrets shooting her, since it happened so fast.
According to Greek Mythology. Heaven is a cornfield. As you rise to heaven, you are accompanied by your friend and hear calming music.
The turrets break into song. Then you get shoved out of a shed into a field of wheat, accompanied by your only friend, the Companion Cube.

Given the Greek mythology references in this game, I am not ok with this piece of knowledge…

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Jun 27 2014
May 27 2014


if you’re terrified for the future of your country clap your hands


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May 26 2014


Linda is the perfect example of adult Tumblr users 

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